Get Access to The Exclusive Results of a New Profession-Wide Survey and a FREE Customised Analysis and Review of Your Replies

One of the common themes I’ve had in the feedback from readers is that they wonder about how to implement the stuff in the book; how they might get it all done and whether they have the wherewithal to actually do it.

I want to show you exactly how to do all that.

But everyone’s background is different and each of us is facing our own particular problems alone with different levels of knowledge, experience and resources. One size certainly does not fit all.

So, to find out what could help you best, I would really appreciate if you let me have your thoughts on a few very simple questions.

They don’t require any preparation or information that you won’t have straight off the top of your head right now; I promise. They’re no hassle and just require you to tell me exactly what you think about the things that are most important to you.

And in return you’ll get three very significant benefits from me:

  1. First, I’ll use the information that you share with me to develop material tailor-made to solve the specific problems that you are facing, you will directly influence what I do and the more detail you provide the more influential you will be in shaping the direction of what I do towards suiting your particular needs.
  1. Second, I will consider the problems you share with me individually and I will come back to you with a personal email giving my review and analysis on your situation with any help that I can provide. I think that is going to be valuable; or at least you can rest assured that I’m going to do my utmost to ensure that it is. So, if you felt the book contained genuinely useful, high quality material, you are unlikely to be disappointed with what I come back to you with on this.
  1. Third, while I will maintain everything that you give me in the strictest confidence, I will anonymize all of the replies and extract the themes that emerge from them in order to provide an overview for all those who participate in the survey. Therefore, you will gain a unique and valuable insight into how your most forward looking and progressive peers are thinking in a way that is completely confidential to all participants. There is nothing else like this out there in the profession and I think this will be the most valuable aspect of all of this. There will not be an accountant, management consultant or Law Society official within an ass’s roar of this survey; it is going to by a practitioner, of practitioners, for practitioners. Real solicitors like you and me in the trenches of Real Law. Most importantly, I will only share this analysis with those who participate in the survey. Therefore, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor on something that I think is going be really revolutionary, and extremely beneficial to you.

Ok, do I have your attention?

Good, the survey consists of a few simple questions that will only take you a few moments; it requires no preparation or information that you don’t have immediately to hand in that old head of yours.

Oh, and don’t worry about typos, spelling, grammar or punctuation. All I want you to do is dump down what comes immediately to your mind in answer to each question in as much detail as you can. Tap it on your iPhone, hunt and peck it out on the keyboard, do it whatever way suits you. Just do it.

In fact, if you prefer to dictate, please feel free to dictate your replies and email them to me at, just be sure to include your name and the email address that you receive these emails from me in your reply. And answer all the questions.

Please provide as much detail as possible to the open questions. They are open questions for precisely that reason. They are designed to get to the core of what is challenging you, holding you back or frustrating you. Please use this opportunity to vent and unload; believe me I feel your pain and want to hear about it in as much detail as you’d like to share with me.

And, please be assured, I personally undertake with you that I will ensure that everything that you provide me with in your replies will be maintained by me in the strictest of confidence and will never be shared with anyone without your prior consent in writing. I operate and maintain this website and email list myself and anything you submit will be for my eyes only, no one else will have access to it.

Now, I expect the uptake on this offer to be BIG. In fact, even writing this I’m beginning to think I must be insane to be offering it and I have a feeling I could easily be swamped by the volume of responses I’m likely to receive. There is definitely going to a limit to the number of people for whom I’m going to be able to do customised analysis on their responses before I take this offer down.

So, in order to be sure that you get all of the benefits currently on offer, you’ll have to act fast and get your response to me as quickly as possible, while it’s still available.

And remember, let me have as much detail as you possibly can. You will be the direct beneficiary, as the more detail and information you provide, the better I will be able to help you.

To complete the survey and avail of your benefits, just answer the questions below:-