[Your GDPR Article 27 Representative]

Please Confirm Your Details

Ok, let's get going to get you set up with [Your GDPR Article 27 Representative]

In order to designate us as your Article 27 Representative in the EU, we will need to put a formal agreement in place with you.

Before we start, I'd just like to clarify a few things about the details on this form (in case you're wondering why we are looking for them):

  • Non-EU businesses are not subject to VAT (EU sales tax).  In order to confirm that you are not subject to this tax we will need you to confirm that you are a business operating outside of the EU for tax purposes and provide us with details of your tax or trade reference number in the country in which you operate.
  • When we ask for the name of your business entity, we mean the legal person operating the business.  If this is just you, insert your name in this field.  If you are operating as a company insert the full name of the company.  If you are operating as a partnership, insert the names of all partners.
  • For your position, we will need this form submitted by someone in the business who has authority to sign a legally binding agreement on behalf of the business.  So, if you trading in your own name, just select "Principal/Owner", if you are trading as a company we will need the details of a "Director" of the company to sign the agreement, if you are trading as a partnership we will need the details of a "Partner".
  • Apart from that we just need to confirm your details for insertion in the agreement.

I look forward to hearing from you in order to get everything set up for you,

All the best,