55 Ideas To Grow Your Practice

The complete guide to extraordinary success for solicitors whatever the economic conditions, competitive environment or regulatory regime.

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These ideas will take you step by step through what you need to know to get more clients and build the successful legal business of your dreams.

With these ideas you will finally understand how to:

  • Identify exactly how to attract the clients you really want into your practice
  • Skip the Trial and Error process – learn what really works.
  • Know what to avoid doing – learn what doesn’t work and what you should run a mile from.
  • Make the time to do it all and implement what you need to do in your business.
  • Create a marketing system that works for you around the clock.
  • Be yourself and enjoy the process.
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Do you ever worry about cashflow?

Or where new business is going to come from? Ever feel like you're chasing your tail and getting nowhere fast?

Or like you're all alone having to carry the whole show?

I'm Flor McCarthy, a practising solicitor and the author of The Solicitor's Guide to Marketing and Growing a Business; How to Turn Your Legal Practice into a Financial Success.

I can tell you now, I've been there, but there is a better way... and I've put together a series of emailed ideas to provide you with exactly what I wish I'd had when I could have really used it.


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I have been reading the 55 emails and Flors most recent personal emails over the past number of weeks. They are always entertaining, insightful and most easy to read.  They are the expresso of the legal marketing, giving me the jolt I need to put my marketing ideas into practice.  It is great that there is a solicitor out there who gets general practice in the small and medium environment, cares about it, enjoys it, sees a future for it and treats it as a proper business.  I couldn’t recommend the emails highly enough.

Colm Kelly, Healy Crowley Ahern

Flor's articles are insightful, digestible and instantly relevant. The conversational style, directed at the reader, makes sure the dialogue resonates and stays with you.

Cian Moriarty

I have never met Flor McCarthy but I feel like I know him as good friend, having received regular emails from him since January 2014. Such is the power of the inbox and email list - a recurring theme in all of Flor's teachings on what lawyers need to know about marketing. I've been learning about the power of content/inbound marketing from various sources for quite a while now and still tend to suffer from the problem of ‘paralysis by analysis’. However, through Flor's cheery guidance, I have put in place a lot of systems and content which would probably not have appeared otherwise – and seen the benefits. Flor's "55 ideas" email sequence is bound to contain at least several nuggets of wisdom which you can immediately put into practice in your own marketing. To make this thing work, you need to shut out all notions of overnight success and take a longer view of the process. Flor's communications always provide an encouraging/amusing/thought-provoking start to the day and make you feel like you have a knowledgeable companion on the endlessly fascinating marketing journey.

Peter Brash, Grigor & Young

Flor's e mails on marketing a legal practice have brought me on a wonderful journey, where I've learnt ideas that are extremely innovative but many of which were right before my eyes but I couldn't see the wood from the trees. I look forward each morning to receiving his latest edition, written in an easy to understand style and written with great humour too. Definitely, a must read for any progressive thinking lawyer.

Kevin O'Donovan, Kevin O'Donovan & Partners

Flor`s daily emails are hugely entertaining and the first thing I look at in the morning. Keep them coming please.

Fergal McManus, Morgan McManus

I was sceptical initially.  I can’t say I read every last one of them, but I read many of them. They tell a great story – a very interesting and personal story.  I found them energising, insightful and inspiring. Very well done – and thanks.

Feilim O'Caoimh, McDowell Purcell

Thanks for the emails. In my opinion I have found the emails you sent most interesting and enjoyable.  The world of solicitors is kept so secret, and no one wants to let their guard down, least of all admit that they ever had a fear.  It's definitely a refreshing approach that I love, probably because it's honest.  It also interests me because you have a journey to tell from the start, so I feel I can relate. The emails have spurred me on Flor, and I am really grateful to have received them.

Donna Wilson, Wilson Daly

Your 55 emails were a great reminder to keep working at the marketing of the firm. Every one of them was a little nugget of sense and provoked a move towards practice development. Roll on the next 55!

Keith Walsh, Keith Walsh Solicitors

As a sole practitioner, I enjoy receiving your emails and take comfort in knowing that other solicitors are experiencing most of the same difficulties that I deal with. (i.e. Chain emails flooding my inbox and clients expecting instantaneous responses). I am in practice just over 2 and a half years - I find the work easy and enjoy it, but find the clients difficult! Your book and emails have helped me focus on the work and avoid "difficult clients". I don't think there is a lot of support for sole practitioners and we tend to get bogged down with the seriousness of our roles, without looking upon it as any other business! Not having any family members in the legal profession, I like to think I have approached the venture with a business head, however there are many challenges. All of your emails resonated with me, and I really enjoyed reading them all! Your words of wisdom helped to separate the business from my personal life (which I struggled with) and also not to take anything personally! I also really enjoyed your personal stories in the emails!

Sarah McCabe, McCabe & Co.

Marketing was a fairly closed book to me until I read your series of emails.  I found them extremely informative on traditional marketing strategies as well as the new digital marketing ploys.

John Mark Downey

Inspirational; especially on days, and there are many, when you wonder why we keep on keeping on with this challenging job in such challenging times

Susan Howard, Howard & Co.

Thought provoking and helpful.

Martin Archer, Timothy J. Hegarty & Son

I enjoy receiving the e-mails because they are witty. To me, I feel that they are coming from my best friend i.e. they are coming genuinely from your heart.

Kulwant Gill

Hi Flor, I have to say that your 55 ideas were extremely interesting and informative. I also enjoyed your tales of experience, which must have mirrored many of our colleagues experience starting out. I found the Webinars with you and Walt Hampton extremely informative with very useful ideas to put in practice. Kind regards, Quentin Crivon

Quentin Crivon, O'Hagan Ward & Co.

Hi Flor, The 55 emails have been just brilliant, thank you; I have been looking forward to them every day – it’s a bit like having your own mentor with you first thing in the morning to give you the push that’s needed to focus on what’s really important. The fact that you are a solicitor too and understand the needs (and fears) of the profession is a huge plus. I’ve been printing the emails and discussing them with my husband who has a different business altogether and he has been very enthusiastic and has found them very useful. I’ve been spreading the word in any event so thanks again for taking the time and effort to do what you are doing. Best wishes, Nuala

Nuala Teahan, Kieran McCarthy & Co.

Hi Flor, Thanks for this & all your excellent informative emails - they are giving my partner & I a new lease of life, interest & energy in our practice! It really is a great work & we both love all the follow up emails. Thanks a million Flor. All the best, Susan Mullins

Susan Mullins Treacy, Treacy & Mullins

Focused and to the point – return on investment.

Richard Irwin, Irwin Kilcullen & Co.

Well done Flor on the messages. A thought for the day to keep one focused!

Keith Cummins

Flor’s ideas are pragmatic and realistic and very do-able. It takes a bit of time out to focus on this kind of thing but it is so worthwhile. It’s also lovely to come across a colleague in the profession who is so generous in sharing what has worked for him – thanks Flor!

Dorcas Crawford, Edwards & Co.

Hi Flor,
I have enjoyed your series of emails and also have picked up some solid ideas to improve my practice. Well done and best of luck in the future.
Paul Brady.

Paul Brady, Paul Brady Solicitors
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